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The power of support lies in fostering safe spaces ..

...that encourage learning and sharing, essential for personal development and cultivating the courage to face life's challenges with resilience.”

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Welcome to Stutter UAE

We embrace stuttering with open hearts and warm smiles. Based in Abu Dhabi and launched in 2013, we are the first networking platform for people who stutter in the UAE. We aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for people who stutter to meet and connect while utilizing resources and information to help in everyday activities despite stuttering.

We believe that everyone has a valuable contribution, regardless of their speech fluency. Whether you're looking to connect with others, seeking support, or wanting to learn more about stuttering, we invite you to join one of our events. We hope to create a warm and supportive community where you can be yourself and find the support you need.

Our Values

Empathy and Inclusivity

We welcome each person’s unique journey with stuttering, fostering an environment where diversity is embraced, and every voice is heard and valued. 

Resilient Growth

We cultivate resilience, viewing stuttering as an opportunity for strength. Together, we support personal growth, encouraging each other to transform challenges into opportunities for development.

Educational Advocacy

We are committed to raising awareness about stuttering, advocating for acceptance, and educating the community, promoting a more inclusive and understanding society for all. 


Farah Al Qaissieh

Farah Al Qaissieh stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment, not just as a mother of three boys, but also as a coach, three-time TEDx speaker, and advocate for people who stutter. She channels her knowledge and passion into social entrepreneurship, marked by her impactful work for over a decade. 


Farah's commitment to positive change did not go unnoticed, earning her the prestigious Abu Dhabi Award in 2017, and acknowledging her considerable contributions to the community.  Her efforts also took a creative turn, culminating in the short film documentary “Just Another Accent,” which gained international attention at prominent film festivals like the Cannes Film Festival and the Malmo Arab Film Festival. Alongside these achievements, Farah leads as the Director at Speechcare Center Abu Dhabi and iStutter Center, where her unwavering commitment continues to uplift and transform lives.

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Support networks act like trusted friends, giving us the push we need to confidently reach our goals. They're there to cheer us on, keep us focused, and make sure we don't give up on what we're striving to achieve.

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